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HSE University, Study in Russia

Five Common Myths About Studying in Russia

#1 Education in Russia will be expensive

Studying in Russia might actually work out to be cheaper than in your home country. Tuition fees rank among the most affordable in the world. For example, such a prestigious school as HSE University that reaches top 100 QS Rankings by subject will cost you from $3200 to $7800 per year. There are many full-tuition or part-tuition scholarships opportunities for international students at HSE University. HSE offers double-degree programmes with world’s leading universities. Living costs in Russia are also quite low: $400 per month will cover your accommodation, food, transport, mobile connection and entertainment. A huge advantage of Russian universities is that most of them provide accommodation to all the international students for free or for symbolic prices.

#2 Struggle with Russian language

The majority of the beginners have issues with phonetics and grammatical clauses which confirms the complexity of Russian language. But there are positive facts about learning it: modern Russian language has lots of words borrowed from English and French which are known worldwide; Russian takes 8th place among the most spoken languages in the world; immersing to native-speaking environment will make your learning process three times faster and you will pick up all the important and authentic phrases. The universities also offer a wide range of Russian language courses that have been practicing for years and elaborated for international students. For instance, HSE University offers Russian as a Foreign Language and Preparatory Year programmes. There is also a wide range of HSE master’s programmes taught completely in English which means that you have many options to consider.

#3 Complicated admission procedure

Russian universities are actually quite internationalized. Each year admissions offices improve the enrollment process. Students apply and provide all the documents that are necessary online. HSE University employees know English and are capable of providing all the information and support that you might need. In addition, universities supply you with visa invitation and take care about state regulations for your stay in Russia.

#4 Unrecognition of your degree

According to the QS Rankings Russian universities actually display impressive feats with 95 universities being presented in the QS EECA University Rankings 2018 and 24 in the QS World University Rankings. It is the best prove that Russian schools have international accreditation and reach the standards of higher education. Beyond that, universities in Russia make partners with the world’s leading schools and even realize programmes together. One of the top schools, HSE University has more than 20 double-degree programmes with foreign universities which are great opportunities to receive European degrees for Russian prices. European Diploma Supplement is given to all the HSE graduates as well as Degree certificate.

#5 Rural country with rough climate

It is important to know that Russia has very modern and fast growing urban areas with the two famous beautiful megacities – Moscow (17 million) and Saint Petersburg (5.3 million). These cities provide you with descent quality of life and affordable prices at the same time. City life is very safe and comfortable due to the all kinds of services around. Both cities have any entertainment of your choice, blusterous nightlife, international foods as well as student opportunities such as discounts for theaters and exhibitions, open lectures and conferences. You can experience historical cites, big city life and Russian culture at the same time.
If you would like to learn more about the application process at HSE University, please contact our HSE International Admissions Office:

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